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CCTV Information Center

TITLE :What is Max distance of Security camera cables
WebMaster 6/25/2009 2:27:34 PM

Wire Maximum Distance for Security Camera cable

Maximum Video Cable Distances:

The distance a camera can transmit a signal is not a function of the camera but rather the cable used. Standard recommended video cable is either RG59 or RG6 coax cable with a copper core and 95% copper braided shielding. Maximum distances are listed below.

If you have video wire runs longer 1000 feet, we recommend you use Cat 5 network cable with video Balun's. These units extend the distance a video signal can be transmitted up to 3000 feet. The units take the signal from standard coax cable and converts the signal to be transmitted over Cat 5 Network cable


Cable type and maximum distance:

RG-59 cable - 600 Feet

RG-6 cable -1000 Feet

Balun  (Converter adapter) – 3000 Feet


Maximum Power Wire Distances:

The distance a camera can be placed from its power source is a function of the wire used and the power draw of the camera. The distance is limited by the resistance generated by the cable. The larger the cable the less resistance it generates. We recommend using an 18 gauge, 2 conductor, non-shielded, twisted cable for most cameras. This cable will allow you to extend the distance from the power supply to the average camera up to 300, and allow you to power multiple cameras with one wire run. This cable is very common and is used in burglar alarm and fire alarm systems as well.

  18 Gauge: Offers very low resistance to the flow of power and less likely to break.

  2 Conductor: One lead for (+) power, the other for (-) ground.

  Non-Shielded: Shielded wire costs more and does not offer any benefit for transmitting power.

  Twisted: The twisting of the wire greatly reduces resistance to the flow of power and extends the maximum distance up to 300 feet.

If a cameras location exceeds the maximum distance from your main camera power source. We recommend you find a local power outlet in a closet, attic etc. and use a single camera plug in power supply to power that particular camera.



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