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Find all Digital Security Equipments at DVRmart. We carry Avermedia DVR boards, Geo-vision DVR boards, Chance-i DVR boards, CNB CCTV Cameras, Sony CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, NVR Systems, DVR Systems.
Shopping around our wide selection of CCTV accessories, cable, networking tools, PTZ controllers, testers, wireless parts, spy cameras, connector, baluns, distributors, power supply, computer pars, Samsung monitor and gaming computer parts.
DVRmart is an authorized dealer for Avermedia. We ship to USA & Canada.
Need protection while you're away? Then you need us.
DVRmart is one of the leading suppliers of High-Quality Professional Security Surveillance Equipments. We offer the best DVR security systems that monitor your store, office, restaurant or warehouse remotely at the lowest price.
DVR & Surveillance System BestSellers
IPB2042VR-P 2MP IR Bullet IP Camera w/POE
 IPB2042VR-P 2MP IR Bullet IP Camera w/POE
  • 1/2.8" 2.1MP Sony Super low lux CMOS
  • H.264 & MJPEG dual-stream encoding
  • Max 25/30fps@ 1080P (1920 x 1080)
  • 2.8-12 mm Mega Pixel lens
  • WDR, Day/Night (ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC

     Price: $245.00
   Special Price: $195.00
IPB2024FR-P 2MP IR Bullet IP Camera w/POE
 IPB2024FR-P 2MP IR Bullet IP Camera w/POE
  • 1/2.8" 2.1MP Sony Super low lux CMOS
  • H.264 & MJPEG dual-stream encoding
  • Max 25/30fps@ 1080P (1920 x 1080)
  • 3.6mm Mega Pixel lens
  • WDR, Day/Night (ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC

     Price: $195.00
   Special Price: $175.00
AVer 32 Ch NV 6480EX PC Based DVR System Premium #3
 AVer 32 Ch NV 6480EX PC Based DVR System Premium #3
  • 32 Channels Video (Analog & IP camera) & Audio w/ Live Display & 960 fps@640X480 Record
  • up to 4 Mega Pixel IP Cameras support
  • H.264, MPEG 4 compression
  • Dual wide screen Monitor support (Live display, Playback or Emap on each monitor)
  • Text Inserter option (POS, ATM, Access Control, etc.) & Search on Text Event

     Price: $3,225.00
   Special Price: $2,895.00
GeoVision GV 1480A-32 PC Based 32 channel DVR Systems
 GeoVision GV 1480A-32 PC Based 32 channel DVR Systems
  • 32 Channels Video & Audio Recording
  • 2 Channel Camera out
  • Live Display, Up to 960 fps Record
  • Two GV 1480B-16 DVR Board Stacked
  • 120GB SSD for OS, 3 TB HDD for Data

     Price: $3,295.00
   Special Price: $2,895.00
GeoVision GV 1480B-16 PC Based 16 channel DVR Systems
 GeoVision GV 1480B-16 PC Based 16 channel DVR Systems
  • 16 Channels Video
  • 1 Channel Camera out
  • 480 fps Display, Up to 480 fps Record
  • 120GB SSD for OS, 3 TB HDD for Data
  • GV 1480B-16 DVR Board

     Price: $1,875.00
PTZ Speed Dome CTL550X27 IR CCTV Camera
 PTZ Speed Dome CTL550X27 IR CCTV Camera
  • 7" IR high speed dome camera
  • 620TVL B/W, 540TVL color
  • 1/4" SONY Super HAD CCD
  • 27X optical zoom
  • f=3.2~86.4mm(F1.6~3.9)

     Price: $599.00
   Special Price: $499.00
PTZ Speed Dome CCTV Camera-CTL850X36WIR
 PTZ Speed Dome CCTV Camera-CTL850X36WIR
  • 530 TVL color, 610 TVL B/W
  • SONY original module
  • 432X (36X optical, 12X digital)
  • f=3.4~122.4mm (F1.6~4.5)
  • 12pcs IR LEDs

     Price: $1,199.00
   Special Price: $1,099.00
We have our manufacture in Korea & Taiwan and develop high quality Security & CCTV Equipments with reasonable price. Our customer service teams and technical service teams are well trained in handling customers and orders. If you are not sure what kind of Security Surveillance Systems you need to install for home or business, please contact us, we can help you. Thank you for choosing DVRmart.
DVR Boards - Our surveillance DVR Boards provide Complete security to both commercial and residential. WE offer a wide selection of security DVR boards including: Avermedia DVR Boards, GeoVision DVR Boards, Chanche-I DVR Boards, Intotech DVR Boards, Gidi-flower DVR Boards. Get Digital Video Recorder Boards (DVR Board) for your home and business security. Our DVR Recorder price is very reasonable. CCTV Accessories - DVRmart provide you with all the CCTV accessories needed to install, maintain, and enhance your security equipments. We offer a wide variety of, high quality All CCTV Accessories. Buy CCTV Accessories including cable, connectors, power supply, camera housing and mount, balun and distributor, microphone and signs.
PC Based DVR - If you are looking for professional video surveillance and security systems. You came to right place for shopping home CCTV Systems and Business Security CCTV. You have found all the high quality PC Based DVR Systems. All of our PC Based DVRs including 4ch PC Based DVR, 8ch PC Based DVR, 16ch PC Based DVR and 32ch PC Based DVR are very stable Video Security systems. DVR Computer Parts - Huge Selection DVR Computer Parts. Search DVR computer Parts such as DVR Monitor, DVR video card, motherboard, keyboards, mouse, DVR hard drive, DVD Drive, Power Supply, Memory, DVR Computer Case, Desktop computer case, mid tower case, ATX tower case .
CCTV Cameras - Unbeatable selection of CCTV Cameras. We carry whole section of Indoor dome camera, IP Camera, Miniature camera, Spy camera, hidden cameras, PTZ (Pan tilt zoom) camera, IR (infrared) Bullet camera, Zoom camera, Box camera, Vandalproof camera, IR Dome camera, night vision security cameras, day and night Security camera, black and white security cameras, weatherproof CCTV cameras and Security Camera Lenses. Buy high quality Surveillance Cameras today! Cable Tester - The Rapport II is a multifunction CCTV tester with a built in 3.5" Color LCD monitor. It is a simple and convenient portable monitor with multimeter which provides analytical data when installing CCTV systems. CCTV Field Monitor, Video signal generator, Digital multimeter, Full function of CCTV PTZ Controller, PTZ Protocol Analyzer, UTP Cable tester, Portable DVR function.
Standalone DVR Systems - Do you need to increase your home and business security! Check DVRmart Standalone DVR Systems for your home and shop security. Our Security Standalone DVR Systems offer dependable remote surveillance functionality. Wide selection on Standalone related products in stock. 4ch home security standalone DVR, 8ch small business security surveillance standalone DVR, 16ch business CCTV Standalone systems, 32ch standalone DVR and Standalone DVR Boards. Gaming Computer Part - Browse all our high quality Gaming Computer Part and Gaming Accessories such as CPU Fans & Liquid Cooling, Keyboards & Mice, Desktop Memory, Gaming Computer Cases, Hard Drives & Solid State, NVIDIA Video Cards, ATI Video Cards, Intel Motherboards, AMD Motherboards, Intel Processors, AMD Processors, Gaming Computer Systems.
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