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Wonwoo WTX-1200A PTZ Controller

The PTZ-KEY controller keyboard allows you to control the Wonwoo WTX-1200A PTZ speed dome camera. Use the PTZ Keyboard alone, or in parallel with a DVR PTZ controller card. Zoom, Pan, Tilt, or focus the camera easily with the push of a button or the joystick. Set up to 1024 preset points or begin automatic tours. This keyboard works with PELCO-D and PELCO-P PTZ Protocols. Designed to work with most of Name brand PTZ cameras that released on the CCTV security surveillance DVR system and PTZ Cameras.

Wonwoo WTX-1200A PTZ Controller

Wonwoo WTX-1200A PTZ Controller
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  Key Features
  • RS 485 / 422 Communication
  • 3 Axis Proportional Joystick
  • 2 Line Character LCD Display
  • Battery Operated
  • USB Mouse Function
Price: $285.00
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AVer NV6480EX-16 ch. DVR Card
 AVer NV6480EX-16 ch. DVR Card
  • 16 Video & Audio Inputs (Stackable for 32 ch.)
  • Up to 16 IP (up to 4 Mega Pixel total 32 Mega Pixel) Cameras support
  • Live Display, up to 480fps Recording (H.264, Mpeg-4 compression)
  • Dual Monitor support (Live Display, Playback or EMAP on each Monitor)
  • 1 Configurable Multi Cameras out to CCTV monitor

     Price: $895.00
Chance-i DiViS CAP 24016LIV PC Based 16 channel DVR System
 Chance-i DiViS CAP 24016LIV PC Based 16 channel DVR System
  • 16 Channels Video
  • 480 fps Display, up to 240 fps Record
  • CAP 24016LIV DVR Board
  • 1 Channel (Selectable; sequential or multi)
  • 2 Channel Audio

     Price: $1,800.00
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